Wide Array of Items for Sale at ‘The Junk Ladies’ in Beaverdam

by Austin Arnold   There’s an old saying that goes something like, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Well, for Lori Sellers and Rheanne Davis Halker, also known as The Junk Ladies, they have taken that adage and turned it into a business, which they opened a few weeks ago on June 23. Located in Beaverdam at the intersection of SR 696/Napoleon Road and Main St., Lori and Rheanne have filled their cozy spruced up shop with a ton of items each have collected over the years from their homes. When both realized they had a surplus of miscellaneous items, they decided to put it all together and try to sell it.
   “We both had houses full of Junk. When we met, we both found out we like going to auctions and garage sales and we just went from there,” Sellers said.
   Although “junk” is how they refer it to, and the word they even decided to include in the title of the shop, the term should be used lightly, as Rheanne pointed out much of their inventory is of high quality.
“It’s nice, good, clean stuff, it certainly isn’t junk, if it was we wouldn’t put it out,” Rheanne said.
Lori and Rheanne met while they both were waitresses at the Casa Lu Al in Lima, Ohio, and they eventually found what they had in common. Not long after, they began selling various items online through a website until a physical store became available. Having an actual shop became a reality through Rheanne’s brother and father, Roy and Dick Davis, who own Buckeye Commercial Body Shop in Beaverdam. Her brother Roy previously owned the space The Junk Ladies occupy, which is right next to the body shop. 
“What was weird is that I didn’t know that my brother owned it so I asked my dad who owned the building and he said ‘your brother Roy.’ I said ‘Lori and I were thinking of opening a store’ and he said, ‘go ask him.’ So I asked him and he said ‘sure,’” Rheanne said. Roy was not only happy to let Lori and Rheanne use the space but he helped with the remodeling process as well, as he, Lori and Rheanne installed the barn siding, new ceiling tiles, windows and doors. Roy even painted the sign on top of the store, which is actually an old headboard that Rheanne found and liked. The ladies painted the rest of the place. Rheanne said it was very much a team effort fixing up the building, which they started in April. Having Roy’s support certainly sped up the process, according to Rheanne.
   “He enjoyed getting the place ready as much as we did,” Rheanne said.
   “He’s been a God Send helping with this whole thing,” Lori added.
   While there are probably too many items to list that are available in the store, among the most notable items are antiques, glassware, collectables and vintage jewelry. The antiques especially seem to be a hit as, to the Junk Ladies’ surprise, they have sold even a couple of antique sawhorses.

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