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Monday, August 12, 2013 Bluffton Town Council Report

by Kathryn Tschuor   The turnout of citizens to the regular meeting of the Village of Bluffton’s Council on Monday, August 12 was considerably smaller than at the last two meetings. At the July 8 and July 22 meetings a fairly large group of townspeople attended so that they could express their opinions on the sidewalk ordinance passed by Council in May. During the latter part of the current week’s meeting only one person took the podium to give council his thoughts on the ordinance.

BHS Marching Band Tuning Up for Fall Football Season

by Sophia Marcum   The Bluffton High School Marching Band has been hard at work this past week perfecting their music for this year’s half-time shows. Band director David Sycks selected the three shows the band will perform. Currently, students are working on their first show, themed Les Miserables.
   Featuring a medly, “Master of the House”, and “I Dreamed a Dream”, the show will premiere Friday at the Allen County Fair during the Kewpee Showcase of Bands at 7:00 p.m. In order to prepare for the season the band has been marching at the Village Park every morning this week, learning the formations to put with their music.

Naylor to Have Chapbook “A Family Affair” Published this Fall

by Austin Arnold   Writing has always been a hobby for Bluffton resident Ruth Naylor. It was an activity of hers that quickly turned into a skill and, over the years, she has had a variety of her work published in numerous magazines. From human-interest stories to poetry, Naylor has often seen her pieces appear on a printed page. However, she has not seen a collection of her work comprised into a single publication, until now. Naylor has compiled a select group of poems to create a chapbook titled “A Family Affair,” which will be available in November.

Pandora’s Annual Riley Creek Fest Provides Fun for All Ages

by Kathryn Tschuor   A record number of vehicles were entered into the car show at Pandora’s Riley Creek Festival, held last Friday, August 9. The festival, a yearly event for Pandora, started at 5 p.m. A large number of people, who varied in age as much as the automobiles themselves, came to see the car show and other events.

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