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Young Musicians Start on a Good Note at Krysti's Studio

by Kendra Olson    On Main Street in Bluffton stands a two story house with a neat little yard. From the outside it seems no more significant than the houses that surround it, but to nearly one hundred and twenty aspiring musicians it has become known as Krysti’s Music Studio.

A Closer Look at Genetics and Medicine - Part II

by Austin Arnold    Two weeks ago, The News began a discussion about genetics and medicine, which stemmed from a brand new course being offered at Ohio Northern University that has students studying the relationship between a person’s genetic make-up and how it reacts to medical drugs. With such an interesting topic, it was decided to continue the conversation further, this time talking with a different member of the health care world - someone that deals with patients directly and is relied upon to find answers to the many questions our physical bodies have a habit of posing - a medical doctor. 

Rodabaugh Reminisces at Latest Chamber Meeting

by Austin Arnold    During the monthly meeting of the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce, held on Friday, February 9, the featured speaker was lifelong village resident and former mayor Fred Rodabaugh. Rodabaugh reflected on the development and changes that the downtown area of Bluffton has seen throughout the years he has been able to witness himself.

Personal Account of Mission Trip from VOSH Ohio Member

by Barbara Plaugher   Volunteerism can change lives.  I recently returned from a Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH – OH) mission in Honduras.  This was my fourth visit overall, which spanned from January 21-29, and the first being 18 years ago.  At that time, we rode in the back of pickup trucks into the misty clouds to the outlying villages and the groups of underserved people waiting for us to offer free eye care.  This time we rode in an outcast school bus from the States, from the misty clouds on the upper ridge above Tegucigalpa, onto the narrow, winding streets going into the city.  We also served th

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