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New Executive Director Named at Richland Manor

by Austin Arnold    At Bluffton’s Richland Manor campus, Jackie Short, of Findlay, has become the new executive director, looking over the day-to-day operations of the facility. Before arriving at Richland Manor, Short was the executive director at fellow Trilogy Health Services home Briar Hill in North Baltimore, Ohio.

Bluffton Eighth Graders Create Their Own Musical Instruments

by Austin Arnold   During their unit study of sound, Mr. Dave Bracy’s eighth grade science classes at Bluffton Middle School have been focusing on special project that has students researching and building a musical instrument of their choice.

TFC Holds Annual Banquet at BU

BU Remembers Those Lost on Fifth Anniversary of Bus Crash

Introduction by Scott Borgelt / Story by Austin Arnold   Calling it “a very special place on our campus,” university President James Harder said the Circle of Remembrance “speaks profoundly to the many visitors, and now to a new generation of Bluffton students, who are inspired by the story it conveys.”
   The memorial summons reflections “of deep loss—loss of life at an unfairly young age for Zachary Arend, for David Betts, for Scott Harmon, for Cody Holp and for Tyler Williams, as well as for the bus driver and his wife. Loss of sons, of brothers, of teammates and of close friends,” Harder said.

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