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Friends of the Bluffton Public Library to Restructure Officers

  by Kathryn Tschuor    The Friends of the Bluffton Public Library held their yearly general membership meeting last Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 6:00pm. A board meeting of the Friends preceded the general meeting at 5:30pm. Library Director Cindi Chasse started out the initial meeting by telling the Friends about the upcoming holiday music nights (December 5, 10 and 12) and asking them for volunteers and also for help sharing the cost of the events. She said that she would need no more than one volunteer behind the counter each night and perhaps another volunteer moving around the event.

Grob Plans for Expansion

     On Monday, October 31, 2011 the Ohio Department of Development’s Tax Credit Authority Board approved a 45 percent tax credit for the next seven years for Grob Systems, Inc.  The tax credit was approved based on Grob’s intention to hire a number of employees over the next several years.
    Currently Grob has a workforce of about 250 people, after hiring approximately 30 employees during this past year. Grob’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ralf Bronnenmeier, said the company is planning to hire up to 35 people per year with the plan of having a total workforce of 365 people by 2014.
    The increase in the company’s workforce is based on a planned expansion of the Grob facilities.  Earlier this month, the company applied for a financial loan from the Ohio Department of Development.

Photography Letter Art Joins BCE, Provides Unique Gifts

by Austin Arnold   The Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs has added another new client this fall. The business teaming up with the local business incubator is Photography Letter Art, operated by Tracy Branan of Arlington, Ohio. Branan’s company sells gift products that are comprised of photographs that spell out specific words, such as family names and inspirational messages.

New Preacher Settles in at Bluffton Presbyterian

 by Ashley Brugnone   His license plate reads, “Rev Dr Z.” Most people might not know what this gibberish of letters mean, but those who attend Bluffton Presbyterian Church know that they spell out the new voice of faith and gospel in downtown Bluffton.

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