MHCO, Hilty Home Celebrate Serving Together in the Future

by Austin Arnold    On Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio (MHCO) had yet another reason to celebrate, this time being joined by Hilty Memorial Home, as the two nursing home systems ceremoniously started a new relationship of serving together. The event was held at the Hilty Memorial Home Campus in Pandora, Ohio.
   As Hilty Home has recently become an affiliate of MHCO, it was only fitting to have an official celebration marking the occasion, and many employees, administrators, volunteers, residents and other community members associated with the two developments gathered to rejoice in this event together. Leading Sunday’s ceremony was Hilty Memorial Home Executive Director Joy Reichenbach. She expressed her gratitude to those in attendance, many of which have helped make the two respective homes what they are today and will continue to be a part of the companies’ continued success.
   “I appreciate that all of you are here to support and encourage us as we move forward in this new joint venture. Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio and Hilty Home are blessed to be in the locations in which we are. These communities, Bluffton, Pandora, Putnam County, they support the kind of work we do here, they show a lot of respect for their elders and a lot of love for children in this community, and the churches in the community have all been very supportive and we need this assistance and we’re so glad they’re here to help us as we work together,” Reichenbach said.
   Reichenbach also mentioned the apparent overlap between Hilty and MHCO due to their close proximity, and how that familiarity may prove to be beneficial in the days to come.
   “I spent 18 years working at Mennonite Memorial Home and now it’s come full circle and I’ve spent 10 years here [at Hilty Home] so this is kind of a unique feeling for me to join these two groups of employees together. It takes a special person and a special kind heart to work in this kind of service organization,” Reichenbach said.
   MHCO CEO Laura Voth was given the opportunity to share some of her thoughts and she reflected on the relationship between the two systems prior to joining together. While the homes acted as “friendly competitors,” as Voth stated, they were always willing to lend a hand to one another if a time of need came about.
   “We’ve had a long-term formal agreement with each other that, if disaster struck a building, the other would pitch in to help.  Mennonite Home has offered back up maintenance service to Hilty for years, dating back to when Paul Dyck was administrator.  Our staff network back and forth as we try to successfully maneuver the complexities of state and federal government regulations,” Voth said. “Mennonite Home has enjoyed and valued our relationship with the Hilty Home over the years.  With these kinds of positive connections, it is only natural that we would finally reach the day that we could celebrate no longer being competitors, but becoming ‘one community of care.’”

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