Ground Breaks on New Section of Bluffton Bike Path

    On Monday, July 14, 2014 a small groundbreaking ceremony was held for the extension of the Bluffton Bike & Pedestrian Pathway system that will run from the current eastern terminus at Cobb Lake, along a scenic abandoned railroad spur to Bluffton’s Commerce Lane Business District near the junction of State Route 103 & I-75.
   The groundbreaking event was held privately for those belonging to various local organizations and businesses that have contributed to the pathway project. A public celebration will be held at a later date, upon the completion of construction on the new bike path section, which is expected in the fall.

Bluffton Library Program Teaches Children About Food Safety

by Kathryn Tschuor   Did you know that hamburger meat must be cooked to at least 160 degrees to be safe? Have you ever wondered what the ideal temperature for your fridge would be?

The Dogs of Main Street Help Support Downtown Businesses

by Benji Bergstrand   Bluffton residents are justifiably proud of their thriving downtown business district that features rows of successful businesses offering a wide variety of quality products and services, but is it possible that much of this success is owed not to the humans who seem to be running the show, but to the dogs who are actually in charge? You be the judge. Three Main Street businesses have gone to the dogs.

Augsburger Makes History as Bluffton’s First Female Mayor

by Kathryn Tschuor   Monday, June 2, 2014 marked an important occasion in Bluffton’s history. For the very first time, a woman, Judy Augsburger, was sworn in as mayor of the village. Previously, in the village’s 153-year history there had been 40 mayors, all of them men. Since Augsburger has not been in the public eye long, many people may be curious to learn more about Bluffton’s 41st mayor.

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