Local Resident Urges Pedestrians to “Cross and be Counted” in September

by Austin Arnold   If you have been following along with the reports from the Village Council meetings or if you have happened to live in town for just a few years, then you are probably aware of growing concern of the intersection of Main Street and College Avenue, where the high school and public library are located. Many people have wished, either out loud or to themselves, for a traffic light to be re-installed at that spot ever since it was removed by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), six years ago.

Bluffton Native Reaches Goal by Being Named Allen County Engineer

by Paula McKibben   How long do your goals last? A week or two to try to change a habit? A quarter or semester to get a certain grade? Six months to lose some weight? Four years to finish a course of study to begin a career? How about 24 years?
   Brion Rhodes, a native of Bluffton, decided 24 years ago when he began college that he was going to be a county engineer, and he has now achieved that goal, becoming the Allen County Engineer.

Bluffton One of the Premier Spots for Shuffleboard in Ohio

by Average Joe   Did you know Bluffton was one of the “premier” spots for shuffleboard in Ohio?
   I didn’t either.
   That is, I didn’t until Thursday afternoon a couple weeks back.
   As I was driving by the Buckeye Park that day, I noticed a good size cluster of cars and a gaggle of people moving about (kind of slowly) at the shuffleboard courts there.
   I parked and shuffled over.  (Sorry, I just needed to get that out of my system early.)
   Dumb luck.

Several Ordinances Passed by Council on Monday Night to Help with Local Traffic Control

by Ron Geiser   Four of the five ordinances passed by Bluffton Village Council Monday night dealt with traffic control in some manner and a wide variety of other items were discussed on a busy agenda.
   And, for once, Shannon Cemetery was not the major item debated, due, in part, to the fact a special commission has been assigned the task of finding a solution for that “problem.”
   Some of the legislation approved earlier had been discussed by council.

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