Trudy Baber Has Over Four Decades of Volunteering Experience and Is Still at It

by Paula McKibben   “Man, was that a car load,” were the first words uttered by 94-year-old Trudy Baber as she got back inside the Et Cetera Shop from helping to unload a car. Trudy helps out at the shop as a clerk for seven hours every Saturday, a couple of Fridays a month, and other days as a substitute for those who can’t make it in.

Timing Good for Muellers to Buy Sports Warehouse

by Paula McKibben   The Sports Warehouse came under new ownership on Monday, May 2.
   The new owners are John and Natalie Mueller who moved to the area 10 years ago. The previous owners were Janean and J. W. Shannon. 
   Natalie has been employed in the registrar’s office at the University of Northwestern Ohio where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business. Her MBA is from the university of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Natalie commented, “I’ve wanted my own business. I didn’t know exactly what. Timing allowed us to be open to this opportunity.”

Village Council Decides No Water/Sewer Surcharge for Now

by Ron Geiser   No water/sewer surcharge for now. With a 3-3 tie by Bluffton Village council members and an additional negative vote from Mayor Judy Augsburger, the third and final reading of  Ordinance 02-16, establishing a surcharge on water and sewer accounts of the Village of Bluffton, Ohio, was defeated.
   Councilmen Phill Talavinia, Richard Johnson and Ralph Miller voted against the measure, while Sean Burrell, Joe Sehlhorst and Roger Warren voted in favor. Although defeated for now, the ordinance could be approved at a future meeting under emergency legislation.

Marking Time with a Retrospective – Gregg Luginbuhl

   by Paula McKibben   Lessons – Life lessons and art lessons. Somehow, they are all the same to Gregg Luginbuhl.
   After 38 years of teaching art at the college level and a total of 45 years of making “stuff,” as he calls it, Luginbuhl has some guiding principals to share with those who aspire to become artists.
   First of all, “notoriety is self-generated. Don’t wait around to be discovered. You take pictures of your work, enter juried shows, send pictures, create a bio statement and a resume.”
   Also, “don’t spend a lot of time trying to put together a studio. Just start doing it, and let the studio happen around you.”

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