Parkview Development Back as Family Project for D & J Snyder Excavating

by Paula McKibben   Family pride is the impetus for building the Parkview project which will fill up the land between the homes on South Main Street and the Motter Metropark with entrances at Bentley and South Main and Jackson Street.
   According to Derek Snyder of J & D Snyder Excavating, “We wanted something that the three of us could build together and put our three names on it.” The three would be Derek, his brother Dan and their father Jeff.

You Can See the World by Helping Others to See the World

by Paula McKibben   Want to volunteer and see the world? You can work for a cause and see Mexico, India, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Venezuela, Poland, Romania, Tanzania, Ecuador and Panama. But, you aren’t going to see the sights; the people you have come to help will get to see the sights clearly for the first time in a long time. Become a volunteer for Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH, pronounced to rhyme with Josh).

Raptors Fly Into Bluffton Library

   True or False?
   Owls can turn their heads completely around. (False – just a little short of 360 degrees, 270 degrees.)
   Once a human touches a baby bird, the mother will never again care for it. (False)
   Once a human picks up a bird egg and places it back in the nest, the mother will not attempt to hatch it. (False)
   A red-tailed hawk could read the print in a newspaper if the paper were placed at the opposite end of the football field from it. (True – however, most hawks don’t read much.)
   Bald eagles were named because their white head hair makes them look as though they are bald. (False – When the bird was named, “balde” meant white.)

Studebaker Wins “Best of Show” at Bluffton’s 49th Festival of Wheels

   On a crystal clear early summer day, the 49th Annual Festival of Wheels, hosted by the Bluffton Lions Club, had quite a spectacular turnout as many residents and visitors made their way to the downtown area on Friday, June 17.
   Main Street, Elm Street Vine Street and Church Street were lined with automobiles as parking began at 2 p.m. Registration lasted until 5 p.m. and plaque winners were announced at 7:30 p.m. Nearly 200 cars were on display Friday afternoon and over a dozen tractors were parked in the CNB parking lot as well for all automobile enthusiasts to enjoy.
   There were four overall awards, 24 Top Awards, Best Tractor, Best Golf Cart and Best Motorcycle.

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