Bob Wood Reflects on His Career – “Just Tried to be a Faithful Pastor”

by Paula McKibben   “And now friends, would you be a blessing to someone today?” This is how Rev. Bob Wood finishes each of his daily “An Encouraging Word” broadcasts. His soothing voice, his stories, the scripture he chooses – all leave the listener feeling relaxed and thoughtful.
   This is part of the legacy that Rev. Bob Wood leaves, and plans to continue, in his retirement on Oct. 2 after 52 years of the ministry.

Animals Removed from TLU Rescue Due to Unhealthy Facility Conditions

   There are glowing accounts of To Luv Unconditionally (TLU) Rescue in 2014 and 2015 on Facebook. However, TLU was visited by local police on Friday, Aug.19, after receiving a complaint from a citizen concerning unhealthy conditions there. When visiting the facility, Chief Skilliter reported that officers found “conditions from the exterior to be concerning.”
   At this point, the officers visited the home of owner Wendy Dunlap, finding animals there in less than desirable conditions, and decided to call the Ohio SPCA and Humane Society in Lima.

11-Year-Old Hartzler on Fast Track to Becoming an Accomplished Woodworker

by Paula McKibben   Ben Hartzler, Bluffton, accomplished quite a feat at the Ohio State Fair: he earned the first place Clock Award for his 4-H project in “Making the Cut.” On top of this, he is just 11 years old and going into the fifth grade.
   His project was a bookcase/table. For the project he had to saw, drill, glue, sand, screw, finish and wax using his hands, a table saw and a dado blade. He finished the project in time for the local inspection of his project which was having his project examined and answering a few questions. From this, he earned the right to go to the State Fair.

Bluffton Village Council Approves BPD to Participate in Equipment Surplus Program

by Ron Geiser  The passing of a resolution authorizing the police department to participate in a government equipment surplus program highlighted action by Bluffton Village Council at its Aug. 15 meeting.
   Just a handful of local citizens were in attendance as no new major items were discussed by the town fathers.
   Even the lone resolution was really an affirmation of Bluffton’s participation in a program that has been in existence since 1997. Called the 1033 Program of the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program, the U.S. government, through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), makes excess, surplus or unused equipment available to local law enforcement agencies.

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