Bluffton News Wins Three Awards at ONA Convention

    The Bluffton News received three awards at the annual Ohio Newspaper Association Convention held Feb. 11 in Columbus. Membership in ONA includes most Ohio papers, weeklies and dailies. The Bluffton News participated in the annual Osman C. Hooper competition for the best weekly newspapers in the state.  Hooper played an important role in developing increasingly high standards for Ohio community papers.  In 1937, his name was added to the annual weekly newspaper contest. This year, a total of 54 weekly newspapers and 15 collegiate publications were included as participating papers within the contest.

Jammin’ at the Bluffton Public Library

by Paula McKibben   Driving back to Bluffton from my new residence on the outskirts of metropolitan New Stark in 2-degree weather, I had to wonder if I had lost my senses. Was it really worthwhile to drive all the way back to town just to listen to a few people jammin’ at the library?

Maple Crest Announces Annual Soup Cook-Off Winners

    Thursday, February 19, Maple Crest Senior Living Village in Bluffton held its annual Soup Cook-Off.  Delicious soups from seven area restaurants/businesses were sampled by over 150 people.  Those individuals were then asked to vote for their favorite soup.  151 people of those in attendance cast ballots for their favorite.

Be a Healthy Shopper – Read the Labels

by Paula McKibben   Did you know: Gluten is protein in grain that is activated by kneading. Organic usually means no use of pesticides; the nutrition remains the same. Juices that are labeled “not from concentrate” are fresher and have less sugar than those that are concentrated (processed).  Also, pasteurized OJ has the same nutrients as unpasteurized. Enriched bread has lost its fiber and nutrients through processing; however, some of the nutrients are put back in, “enriching the bread.”

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