Council Meeting Quick and to the Point

by Paula McKibben  Bluffton Village Council met on Monday, Feb. 1, with an agenda and swearing in ceremony that lasted only 45 minutes together. However, an executive session on personnel compensation to be held after the regular meeting was requested by Roger Warren.
   Safety Services were tackled first with Chief Skilliter leading the way.  Skilliter had lots of good news to report. At the top of the list was approval of an IRS 501(c)(3) for Bluffton Emergency Services, meaning that all donations to police, fire, and EMS will now be tax deductible.

Bluffton Hospital Unveils Plans to Create Women’s Center Inside Facility

by Austin Arnold   Some big changes are coming to Bluffton Hospital – changes that the hospital’s administration and staff believe will be for the better, not only for extending care to their patients, but for the longevity of the institution itself as well.
   Bluffton Hospital, part of Blanchard Valley Health System, will be embarking on a $4.5 million expansion of services. This expansion includes the development of a Women’s Center of Bluffton Hospital, which will be located within the walls of the current facility. 

Kantners to Become Missionaries in Paraguay

by Paula McKibben   Paraguay is a land-locked country tucked between Argentina and Brazil in south central South America. It is covered in jungles, grasslands and the Pantanal, the earth’s largest wetland. Major cities include its capital Asunción, Concepción and Filadelfia which was founded by Russian Mennonites in 1930. It is populated with yellow anacondas, ocelots, jaguars, swamp turtles, wild boar, tree frogs, piranha, toucans, parrots – and in January 2017 – the Dr. Justin Kantner family.

Diamond Manufacturing Experiences Explosive Growth Over Last Five Years

by Paula McKibben   There are many things to be said about Diamond Manufacturing, but as the company pertains to Bluffton, two facts are primary: the company manages its properties well and it’s growing.

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